Songs From Bluffington (ETT002)

Songs From Bluffington is a tribute album by "Doug & The Beets". The band is comprised of Long Island natives(Chris Wall, David Kaplan & Matt Fox) who have come together to pay tribute to our favorite musicians from bluffington

1) Theme 
2) Patty You're The Mayonnaise For Me 
3)Bangin' On A Trash Can/Think Big

4) Shout Your Lungs Out (Extended Mix) 
5)I Need Mo Allowance (Extended Mix) 
6)) Killer Tofu (Extended Mix)


The album is available to stream & digitally purchase through the digital retailers listed below along with most other major digital retailers.    The album will be pressed in various color variants periodically via Enjoy The Toons Records


The album can be can be purchased or previewed HERE 





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